Terminal 42: A restaurant marketing case study

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Terminal 42: A restaurant marketing case study 

Building a brand strategy and content for a Barcelona restaurant

The challenge

Terminal 42 began with the concept of being more than a restaurant. Its founder wanted to create a community feel and make Terminal 42 a haven of calm for businessmen and women who were travelling through Barcelona and wanted great food and a relaxing place for meetings, brunches and lunches. 

Airport terminals are too cold, unfriendly and without comfort, so Terminal 42 was envisioned to change that, and sitting just 100 metres from a train link to the airport, its position is ideal.

The Barcelona eatery approached SG Content to help create a strong brand message, craft its website content and begin blogs and social media to promote Terminal 42 during its launch and beyond. 

Terminal 42 had a great logo, an exciting brand proposition and a good menu of fresh, local produce, now it just needed a strong identity and message.

Terminal 42 logo

The process

Due to our close connection with Spanish culture and deep understanding of brand positioning, the SG Content team was tasked with developing and enacting a brand strategy, which would later inform the website content and tagline, blogs and social media messaging.

We began with an in-depth interview with the founder to understand the vision he had for the restaurant, and what his motivation was for bringing this project together. We began to assimilate the ideas behind his food choices, customer profiles and who he wanted to attract.

We learned that brunch and breakfast would be a focus at the restaurant, where you could pop in for a client meeting, a morning coffee or a healthy breakfast. It would also be the centre of the community, and be a place to come together with friends and enjoy after-work drinks and sharing plates, with great music. To match this ‘barrio’ - neighbourhood - connection, the food would be locally-sourced and as seasonal as possible. 

We were inspired by the menu and the history behind the name. The restaurant would be a terminal for all those who need a place to stopover, and a place for people to meet and be together. We discussed some possible story writing examples for the brand, and settled on a concept they loved.

The solution

Taking the vision, goals and enthusiasm of the Terminal 42 founder, we created a clear brand story and identity that highlighted the local connection while drawing in international visitors, topping it off with the tagline ‘the beating heart of the barrio’. 

This gave us a strong concept from which to write the website content, distilling all the inspiration and motivation of Terminal 42 and its brand message. We created persuasive and engaging website copy and advertising slogan examples, fully reflecting the brand voice and messaging outlined in the brand identity we created. 

This same approach was carried over to the social media strategy and even the menus, for a smoothly consistent approach throughout.

In order to begin building a loyal consumer base for Terminal 42, we started with blog writing, touching on universal topics of interest linked to the restaurant, such as the trend for brunch and the story behind cava, linked to the special varieties served at Terminal 42.

SG Content continues to work with Terminal 42 on their social content media and the online magazine el mordisco.

Visit Terminal 42 here, and discover your new favourite Barcelona restaurant.

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