The value of a native English copywriter

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It is the language of business and the internet, spoken by 1.5 billion people around the world and 67 countries list it as an official language. So the chances are if you’d like your business to grow internationally, you’ll need a good grasp of English.

It’s not just a case of salespeople speaking to customers in their native English, you need to have a native English through your business structure. From marketing materials to your website, customer service to social media, if you want to attract English-speaking customers, you’ll need to communicate with them in their own language.

And to make things a little more complicated, a quick translation by a non-native colleague doesn’t really help. Just an error here or there can render your careful branding and fantastic sales content next to useless, it may even be completely misunderstood altogether. When you’ve spent so much time and money building your business, it would be a shame not to take the same care when expanding beyond your own borders.

A native English copywriter can make all the difference.  

A website to be proud of

More than 97 per cent of consumers will look for a product or a service online, and whatever they find on your website needs to make an impact quickly. When it comes to building the copy for your site, every word counts to capture and keep their attention.


This only becomes heightened for product descriptions, social media posts and specifically-sized pages. If you only have 100 words to work with, a copywriter for ecommerce has the ability to measure and weigh each one, creating engagement as efficiency as possible. Where space is at a real premium, a native English copywriter will be able to pull the most value out of the tight restrictions. When you take into account brand message, SEO keywords and intended audience, you need someone who can make every word count.

Go local and make an impact

What is the importance of English in business communication? One of the hardest parts of writing high-quality copy is not necessarily the words used, but understanding the effect these words will have. Native English copywriters know the culture of English speaking countries like the UK, the USA or Australia. They know how to tailor the copy to the location you are looking to influence. 

The importance of English in business can’t be overstated, especially when you consider that most international business is conducted in English, and a lot of popular culture in the world (movies, music, TV) is also in English. In business to business copywriting, understanding what has come before and what will be well received is key, and only comes from cultural immersion.

Each industry has its own vocabulary, slang and unique customer bases that require specific adaptations for your copy. Using a writer who truly knows their language is vitally important to achieving the full impact of intelligent writing.

Make sure you’re on message 

One of the major challenges for copywriting services is conveying a message. It’s easy to say “we sell brown shoes”, but will that convince anyone to buy them? A powerful advantage of using a native English copywriter is their ability to go beyond the product. They can create a message that your audience will connect with and therefore increase the conversion rate for your website. 

One of the difficulties that non-native writers will have is to use enough nuance and creativity to bring something original to the table. Without a truly deep well from which to pull language, over-used expressions and clichés are certain to be used, and those vital first five seconds of customer interest will be wasted. The importance of the English language in business communication could mean the difference between beating your sales target and falling short.

Strike the right tone

Taking that concept a step further, a native English speaking copywriter will understand how to craft a message. Then they go beyond the basics, and specify that message using particular language applicable to your target audience.


  • A car marketed to men – A powerful, exciting way to get heads turning

  • A car marketed to families – Smooth and safe; only the best for your family

These small differences in the way that we use language are how writers create emotional connections between your customers and your products or services. Copywriting that sells requires tapping into the psychology of the reader, and it all comes down to a nuanced use of English. 

It’s not just the words that are chosen with care, but also the tone used to address the reader. Another advantage a native English copywriter has is the ability to create high-conversion copy in a style and tone that matches the reader. When writing for legal businesses, a good native English writer will use professional language, knowing which words to include and which are too informal for the context. The opposite is also true, and informal copy, written to be light-hearted and fun, requires a superior command of the English language than many non-native writers have.

It’s all in the detail

High-quality writing appeals because of small details. Smoothly flowing sentences, a perfect reading speed matched to the industry of the product, and exactly the right type of adjectives to describe a specific product. These nuances of any language are incredibly hard to capture (whilst still crafting that all-important message at the same time) and come from a lifetime of experience, practice and study.



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