Vina Memories Case Study

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Vina Memories Case Study


Vina Memoria came to SG Content with the idea to re-launch their website and brand, relying on the engaging writing abilities and brand experience that SG Content brings to every project. They also wanted to create exciting and sensational tasting note sections for their Crianza and cava wines. Their aim was to elevate these wines and provide an emotional connection for their customers.

Vina Memoria is a specialist wine producer based in Requena in Valencia. They create fine kosher wine in their stunning location, 70 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the foothills of the mountainous Utiel-Requena region, Vina Memoria makes their Memorias del Rambam wine according to generations of history and tradition. If you want to know where to buy Utiel Requena wine, go and visit their lovely vineyard and see for yourself.

The team at Vina Memoria were interested in a copywriting process that was more about developing a long-term relationship than simply fulfilling an objective. We loved the idea, and it enabled us to approach the project from a perspective of understanding and connection to the brand.

A specific challenge for this project came in the form of writing exciting descriptions to be printed on the wine labels. Writing for small spaces with a limited word count is always an exciting test. These descriptions had to be interesting enough to draw in the customer, and technical enough to appeal to the expert wine lover.


The principal task facing SG Content was to find the best possible way to incorporate strong-SEO web copy while celebrating the history and methods behind fine kosher wine production. 

We achieved this by first conducting a detailed study of their principals, motivations and business practices, ensuring that we thoroughly understood their brand and their goals.

It was necessary to gain a greater understanding of the kosher wine-growing process, as well as find out more about owner Annie, and her family-run enterprise.

It was also important to pull out some of the parts of the brand that were most important to the family-owned business, in order to accurately represent the core of the message they wanted to communicate to their customers and partners.


We created a brand story that concentrated on the Valencian bobal grape and its connection with the land. This brand story was designed to pull every reader into the world of passion and commitment that the Vina Memoria team embody every day. By recognising that the artistry of the wine-making process was fundamental to the brand, we were able to make this a key feature of the copy and add value in the right place. We connected the history of the land and ensured that in the website copy, the vineyards and their past were never far from the focus.

Using this connection as a central focus, we wrote industry-specific web copy for their website, utilising engaging copy to tell their impressive story and connecting this with their target market and intended brand voice. The text highlighted the history of the name, connected to a 12th-century Jewish scholar named Moses ben Maimon. Spanish born and a serious wine enthusiast, this scholar was also known as Rambam, hence the wine’s historical name. 

To finish the project, we wrote a wine label copy, using our well-practised ability to filter and distil every piece of information needed. We created a welcoming and curiosity-piquing copy, balancing the need for emotive writing and combining it with technical details. 

During the entire process, we found the relationship that developed between ourselves and Vina Memoria very productive. It helped to create clear lines of communication, sped up the exchange of information and in the end, led to copy that exceeded the expectations of the client.  

Visit Vina Memorias here and learn about their long tradition of fine kosher wine production.

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