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Is your company keen to explore new international markets or diversify into new business lines abroad? Translating your core message to the target language will be vital, so if you been tasked with turning engaging Spanish or English copy into another language, what are your options and how should you decide which direction to go? 

Yes, there is always Google Translate, but it can hardly be relied on for accuracy. Some businesses simply find a friend or colleague who knows the language and asks them to do the work, but somehow the content never ends up with that exacting tone you need as they aren’t a professional writer. 

The final choice is to use a professional translator. Not only do they speak your language fluently, but they are also native in the goal language. But beyond that, they are also attuned to those nuances that make all the difference to a reader. It’s not just about translating word for word but understanding the real meaning of a phrase, what’s between the lines and those gently persuasive terms that convince a potential customer to buy your product.

How does poor translation affect your business?

Before you make your decision, you need all the facts. If you Google translate from English to Spanish, you should expect mistakes, so what’s the impact of poor translations on your content, brand and overall company success? 

Consumers and clients alike are searching for professional and competent people, no matter the industry or sector involved. Often the only way for people to judge your level of professionalism is by reading what you write and say. If you are advertising to businesses, they may only have your marketing content to go by, and if it’s full of errors, what will that say about you and your team? 

You wouldn’t be in a rush to collaborate with a business that can’t present themselves professionally, and neither will your customers. If quality is important to your business, then you need an expert translator.

Take a moment to think about website content too, did you know that when Google is assessing pages to rank them, good grammar is also taken into account? If your content is littered with a mistake, you may find yourself sliding further and further down Google’s ranking.


Not just words

Translating from one language to another sounds like a simple matter of taking each word and finding the equivalent, but of course, there’s much more to it than that. A language is not just a collection of words, put in the correct order to communicate. Every dialect has its own grammar, style, word order and 100 different nuances that make all the difference. You could Google translate English to Spanish expressions, and you might get close. However, a few out-of-place words and a mismatch between certain linguistic features will cause embarrassing problems and weaken your message


Translate or transcreate?

Basic online translations come with obvious pitfalls, but people are sometimes attracted to getting someone bilingual they know to translate their material. On a fundamental level, this may be successful; however, the content will be missing one key aspect. An experienced translator of Spanish to English or vice versa goes beyond word-for-word replacement and always aims to transcreate. This is the term for a translation that includes all the social and cultural context that goes into creating a language. Transcreations adapt phrases and meaning to make them accessible to the reader. It also takes target-country consumer behaviour into account and matches the language to local customs and norms.

Writing engaging copy is all about bringing business goals, brand image and customer profiles into every sentence. Translation work by your bilingual friend will never be able to effectively manage this, as it requires a level of proficiency in both language and writing skill that takes years to hone.

On top of maintaining the message and meaning of the content, a dedicated translator will also be able to match the original SEO content. They will ensure that although your content is in a different language, it’s just as visible for search engines.


Professionalism required

So now you’re sold on the technical aspects, and why they require a professional translator to get right. The next significant advantage you’ll enjoy when you work with a translator from English to Spanish is their level of professionalism.

Project briefs, payments schedules, corrections and terms of business are all crucial parts in creating valuable and trusting business relationships. Without a professional translator, you miss out on all these valuable features. When you contract an established service, you will be able to effectively organise your workload, knowing what will happen by when. 

Transparency at all stages is the hallmark of skilful and effective work, and lets you know exactly how the project is progressing. You won’t have to wonder when your work will be ready, and you won’t have to worry about the quality either. 


Confidential and consistent

When you work with a professional translator, there are plenty of advantages beyond the words. Your project will be completely confidential, and you can rest assured that no information shared will be released anywhere. This can be especially important if your project involves sensitive or proprietary information. 

You’ll also see a depth of consistency that you could never find with Google or a bilingual friend. Your translation will have a single tone of voice, brand message and writing style, making it much more attractive and easy to read for your audience.


The power of multi-lingual content

Once you’ve got your hands on a professional translation from Spanish to English, congratulations, you’ve immediately extended your reach by over 30 per cent. More than 1.5 billion English speakers can read your content, and 500 million Spanish speakers can now check it out too.

If you want your company to expand outside of the English-speaking market, you need a professional translator to make your copy shine in Spanish. You need someone who gets it done quickly, who knows both cultures inside-out and can transcreate any content for high-impact marketing.

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